FAQ About Messick's Farm Market

There are many guests asking our family similar questions, so we compiled them in a FAQ list. If your question hasn’t been answered, feel free  to send us an email or give us a call at (540) 439-8900. 

Guest Questions & Answers

Do You Allow Dogs in the Market or Pick Your Own Fields?

No, but....

We have provided a shaded pet park for shoppers to walk, water and leash pets. At this time, we are not allowing pets in the fields or market in accordance with VDACS and GAP regulations.

Why Don't You Post Your Produce Prices?

Our Prices Fluctuate...

Our prices are generated by the regional market and fluctuate accordingly. Just like all grocery store produce, prices never stay the same. See our calendar for up to date sale prices and harvest dates for fresh produce! Call (540) 439-8900 to find out our current produce prices.

Do You Accept Credit or Debit Cards?

We do!

We accept all forms of payment for your convenience. 

Do We Need Our Own Containers to Pick Crops?


We provide our guests with appropriate containers and do not allow outside containers. 

Are Sneakers or Sandals Suitable for the Fields?

We Recommend Boots or Shoes That Can Handle Mud.

We advise against wearing nice shoes or sandals into the fields. Even on sunny days, there may be standing water or mud in the fields from watering. 


How Long is Strawberry Season?

Check Out Our Calendar!

With the three varieties we have planted, we hope to enjoy fresh strawberries for up to 6 weeks. Of course weather conditions will affect the growing season. 

We update our calendar the day a crop is ready for harvest and if you can pick your own! We also post sales, events and more! Add our calendar to yours with a click of a button and always know when our produce is in season!

Do you have a question that hasn’t been answered above? Feel free to send us a message below, or call (540) 439-8900. 

If your question is a popular one, we’ll add it to our FAQ for others to have the answer readily available! Thank you for being a Messick’s Farm contributor!

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