Breakfast Cafe Menu 

Our Breakfast Cafe begins serving when we open and is available all day. There is a charge $1.00 after 11am. Call to order ahead for rushed mornings, or enjoy a leisure breakfast on our outdoor patio or at our indoor seating during colder months.  

messicks breakfast biscuit

Breakfast Biscuit

Freshly Baked Biscuit with egg, cheese, and your choice of Bacon, Fried Bolonga, Ham, Sausage or Scrapple. 


breakfast sandwich at messicks farm market

Breakfast Sandwich

Bread or Tortilla with egg, cheese, and your choice of Bacon, Fried Bolonga, Ham, Sausage or Scrapple. Larger than the Breakfast Biscuit.


breakfast burrito at messicks farm market in bealeton va

Breakfast Burrito

Tortilla with egg, cheese, peppers, onion and your choice of Bacon, Fried Bologna, Ham, Sausage or Scrapple. Served with our Homemade Salsa.


biscuits and gravy at messicks farm market in bealeton va

Biscuits & Gravy

Homemade Sausage Gravy featuring Papa Weavers Sausage on a freshly baked biscuit. 


breakfast special at messicks

Breakfast Special

Homefries topped with our homemade Sausage Gravy and a Fried Egg. 


breakfast at messicks farms market

Breakfast Platter

Choice of Eggs (Scrambled or Fried), Hashbrowns or Homefries, Meat (Bacon, Scrapple, Fried Bologna or Ham) and a choice of Bread (White Toast, Wheat Toast or Biscuit)


Breakfast Snacks, Add-Ons & Drinks

Freshly Brewed Coffee

(12oz) $1.39   (16oz) $1.59   (20oz) $1.79  

Nitro Coffee …………..(16oz) $4.59 

Specialty Cold Brewed Coffee

Hashbrowns …………..$1.99

Homefries ……………..$1.99

Plain Biscuit……..$0.99

Add a side of scrambled egg…..$0.99

Add a side of bacon…..$1.99


1/2 Dozen Donut…..$5.00

1 dozen donuts……$8.50

(We offer special  orders of donuts, call ahead and pre-pay!)

Need a Caffeine Boost Today? 

Try Nitro Coffee!

Nitro Coffee is cold brewed, placed into a keg and infused with nitrogen gas.

It offers that frothy & bubbly Adult-Beverage Feeling with the carbonation & beer-like head from the nitrogen.

Nitro Coffee has 30% more caffeine per ounce than regular hot coffee.

It contains less acidity than traditional hot coffee. 

Multiple variety of flavor shots available at no extra cost. 

Nitro Coffee …………..(16oz) $4.59 

nitro coffee at Messick's farm market in Bealeton va

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