Pick Your Own

Pick Your Own

We invite our customers into our fields to enjoy the Pick Your Own experience. All of our produce is also offered as pre-picked in our farm market, and is often picked within one to two days of sales. Our produce prices will pleasantly surprise you, as we are comparable to the big grocers, but the local, fresh quality remains unmatched. 

pick your own

Pick Your Own Strawberries

Our sweet strawberry crop is our first spring fruit, and oh do we celebrate! Our Pick Your Own Strawberries are typically available all throughout May, but see our Event Calendar to view our exact harvest dates this year! Also, see our Strawberry Festival dates and come join the fun!

pick your own blackberries

Pick Your Own Blackberries

Our sweet Blackberries begin ripening the middle of JUNE and are ready for you to enjoy from LATE JUNE to LATE JULY, but see our calendar to see when this year's crop has fully ripened! With ripe blackberries come our famous homemade blackberry custard- enjoy this special treat only while the blackberries are here to enjoy.

pick your own blueberries at messicks farm market in bealeton va

Pick Your Own Blueberries

Our sweet, plump blueberries bring summer into full swing! Our Blueberry crop is typically Ready from Late JUNE to Late JULY, but view our calendar to see when this years crop will be ready for you to pick and enjoy!

pick your own herbs

Pick Your Own Herbs

Our fresh herbs are ready for harvest from LATE SPRING to LATE SUMMER depending on variety. We have dill, oregano, parsley, spearmint, basil and many others. See our calendar to view when our herbs are ready for you to select and enjoy!

pick your own tomatoes

Pick Your Own Tomatoes

Our beautiful, ripe heirloom tomatoes are meaty and delicious! The scent of ripe tomatoes on the vine is something we believe everyone should experience. Typically you can come pick your choice of tomatoes from JULY to LATE AUGUST, but view our calendar to see when our tomatoes will be ready for you!

Pick Your Own Flowers

Summer wouldn't be complete without the beauty flowers bring. Select your own beautiful bouquet in our fields for your table for just a few cents each! Huge Sunflowers, delicate Daisies and bright Amaranth will liven any room and bring the smell of summer indoors. We have many varieties of flowers and they bloom throughout the summer months, see our calendar for our flower harvest schedule!

Pick Your Own Pumpkins

Enjoy our Fall Pumpkin Harvest to the fullest by picking your own right here in Fauquier! Our Pumpkins are typically ready between LATE SEPTEMBER-EARLY NOVEMBER, but check out our calendar to see when this year's harvest is ready for you to enjoy. With the Pumpkin Season comes our Fall Festival! Click to View dates for the upcoming fun!

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