Our Farm Fresh Market Goods

We welcome our guests to our farm fresh market to enjoy all the wonderful vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers from our farm garden. Our local vendors provide even more farm to table options for you to take home and enjoy!


About our farm fresh market goods:

Our massive garden produces an impressive variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. Many of which you can pick your own! View our Calendar to know when our fresh produce is ready for harvest.

We do have a stock of vendors to ensure we have fresh produce available when the variety isn’t quite in season, or cannot be grown here. All your farm fresh market needs are found here at Messick’s.

Learn more about our farm fresh produce.

Local, organic dairy products are brought to our farm market by several dairy farmers. Fresh cream, butter, sour cream, yogurt and milk are available for your family to enjoy. All products are from cows that are not treated with hormones. View our Local Dairy Products here.

We have all sorts of meats from local butchers and farmers. Speciality items such as Yak meat, hand cut or ground. Grass fed beef, hand cut selections as well as lean, ground grass fed beef. We also have quite a speciality selection of turkey, pork, chorizo, sausages and much more. 

Learn more about our local meats.

Did you know our farm has our own bee hives? Way far away from the pick your own fields and the children’s playground, our bees help our crops pollinate and thrive each year. Bees are a critical part of our ecosystem, so we have a professional bee keeper to ensure they are kept healthy. Our local honey is available in our farm fresh market, along with other local honey farmers brands. Including local honey into your diet has been proven to help relieve allergy symptoms, due to the honey being created using the local flowers that spread pollen. 

Our local Jams are made with fresh fruit in the area, and we have so many flavors to choose from! Many of these local jams cannot be found elsewhere, and have flavors uniquely made to suit every taste. 


Learn more about our local honey & jam selection here.

Enjoy a taste of yesterday and today with our bulk candy! We have all sorts of sweets, so if you have a taste for something you haven’t seen in stores in years, stop in or give us a call to see if we have yours in stock!

Learn more about our candy selection.

Local, hand cut soaps, handmade bath bombs and goat milk lotions are available every day. Our local vendors make amazing skin care products, available to you at a great price. 

Learn more about our selection of skin care.

Local vendors have created elegant, country themed decor to match just about any style. Spruce up any room in your home with unique home decor!

If you need some great gift ideas, we have many to choose from! From the perfect item for a man cave to the thoughtful gift for that hard to please host. We even have specialty food items such as peanut butter you grind yourself at our fresh market!


Learn more about our decor & gift ideas.

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