Homemade Soaps, Lotions & More

We have a wide selection of handmade, all natural soaps, lotions, bath bombs and much more! Our local vendors work hard to bring you the very best product. Our favorites are the Lavender Sunshine & Peachberry! Which scent will be your favorite?

dionis goat milk lotions at messicks farms

Goat Milk Lotions

These goat milk lotions go on smooth and soak into dry, cracked skin for immediate relief. They are a must have for gardener's hands. Needless to say, we keep these well stocked! We have many kinds of goat milk and natural lotions in our market. Stop in to find which one you just can't live without.

The picture above is an image of Messick's Farm Market handmade soaps from their our market offers webpage.

Handmade Soaps

Our handmade soaps come from local vendors that cut each one individually. These soaps aren't like big name soaps- they last longer and feel cleaner. Their scents range from flowery and feminine to masculine minty clean. Find your favorites today!



Long lasting soy candles of every scent. Make your house smell like the home you want your children to remember! We always have the seasonal favorites in stock, so your home will always be warmed by the scent of pumpkin pie or Christmas trees during the colder months of the year. Stop in today and see why soy is best.

salt bath and more luxury bath items at messicks farms

Fragrances, Bath Bombs & More

Perfect gift ideas for the special lady in your life. Room fragrances, luxurious bath bombs, salt baths and much more. Check out the right corner of our farm market to see all of the wonderful goodies from our handcrafting local vendors!

Stop into Messick’s today to take a look at all of our bath, lotion and soap products.  

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