Local Dairy

Our local dairy vendors provide our farm market with many delicious, healthy dairy options. From yogurts and fresh cream to chocolate and white milks. We also have fresh churned butter. 

Our Fresh Local Milk

The picture above is an image of Messick's Farm Market dairy on their Home and our market offers webpage.

Our vendors provide the highest quality organic & non-homogenized milk from cows not treated with hormones. All fat contents are available and even chocolate milk! We offer a $2 discount when glass bottles are returned as well.

Yogurts & Kefir

local dairy products at messicks

We have some vendors who specialize in yogurts and Kefir products along with their milk. Delicious, organic and healthy.

Local Butter

Several types of butter are available, all locally crafted. These are perfect to bring for family gatherings or for buttering our homemade rolls.

Throughout the year we tend to add products, such as eggnog, to our shelves. If you are searching for something specific, feel free to contact our market at (540) 439-8900. 

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