Local Honey & Much More!

Local Honey

The picture above is an image of Messick's Farm Market honey from their our market offers webpage.

Local Honey

Our Farm market has many different local honey farmers & beekeepers that stock our shelves. Did you know our market has our own bees as well? Yes, we even have Messick's Honey- so if you're searching for local honey to help with allergies you know the honey on our shelves is absolutely local.

local jams

Messick's Local Jams

We have many many selections of delicious local jams from our wonderful vendors. Our jams even come from the very fruits in our fields. From seedless raspberry to cinnamon pear and everything in-between. Enjoy an amazing taste of country life with our local jams!

local salsa

Messick's Local Salsa

On top of delicious local honey and jams, we have an amazing variety of salsas. Even some that harvest right from our fields. From sweet to spicy, you'll find all your salsa needs at Messick's Farm Market!

pickles and local honey at Messicks Farm Market

Messick's Pickles, Relishes & More

We couldn't leave out the Pickles, relishes and other speciality locally made goods from our farm and vendors. We have a selection quite unlike your typical grocery store. Our stock goes way beyond sweet or dill, come to our farm market to see our full selection and find exactly what you didn't know you were looking for!

olive oils and olives at Messicks farms market

Specialty Oils

We keep a great stock of certified organic olive oils and olives, in bulk no less! You can try out our different flavors and choose which you like best. Bring the bottle back for a discount on a refill; we like to reuse here at Messick's.

olive oils and olives at Messicks farms market

Specialty Cake & Pie Fillings

For those hard to find speciality baking items, turn to us! We have just what you need, from gluten free & wheat flours to easy to use pie and cake fillings. From Bavarian Cream to Blueberry, check out our market to find what you need and more.

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