Local Meats

If you are looking for a meat market near Warrenton, VA

 we have a wonderful selection of local meats at Messick’s Food Market! 

From beef and pork to Yak! 

You should know where your meal comes from and eat locally… at home!

Local Meats

local grass fed beef

Grass Fed Beef

Local farms and butchers bring their beef to Messick's Farm Market. Our market carries grass fed beef in all cuts. Healthy, local meats are important to your diet, stop by and see all the variety of beef we have in stock for you.

pork tenderloin cuts at messicks farms market in bealeton va


We have lots of local pork options to choose from. Stop by to take a look at our full selection today! From ribs to pork butt, we have it all. Enjoy thick cut pork chops or even chorizo! Our local farmers and butchers don't let us down with pork!

local organic Appalachian yak meat at Messicks Farms Market in Bealeton va

Appalachian Yak

Zinc, niacin, and protein are all found in abundance in yak meat. Yak is a lean red meat substitute that is 90% fat free and has a higher nutritional density than skinless chicken, salmon, and beef. Yak is delicate and has a flavor that is fresh and mild, but a little sweeter than bison. Stop in to try some yourself today!

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