Old-Fashioned Candy

We have an impressive old fashioned candy selection, from treats you know from your childhood to the giant lollipops of today. Bulk selection to individually wrapped. Enjoy the sweet goodness any time here at Messick’s Farm Market!

If you have a sweet tooth for old fashioned candy, our market is bound to keep you happy. Stop in or call to find out more about our selection. (540) 439-8900

The picture above is an image of Messick's Farm Market handmade soaps from their our market offers webpage.

Bulk Candy

Messick's has dedicated an entire row of shelves to those with a sweet tooth. From yesterday's treats such as bit-o-honey and licorice bites to dehydrated mini marshmallows.

Homemade Fudge

Our homemade fudge comes in many flavors. Our melt in your mouth flavors will have you coming back for more.

Giant Lollipops & Sugar Sticks

Giant Lollipops to Gilliam Sugar sticks. We have your hearts desire here at Messick's!

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