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Kitchen Spices & Herbs

Our shelves are stocked with kitchen spices and herbs you won’t find anywhere else. We keep our shelves full of such local spices as whole nutmeg, whole bay leaves and pink Himalayan salt. Every color peppercorn and type of dill. If you are searching for that one of a kind spice to add some zest to your dishes, you’ll find it here and at a price that will have you grabbing enough to stock your own shelves. Our kitchen spices and herbs are sold in bulk and are priced by the pound.  

kitchen spices and herb at messicks farms

Local Spices & Herbs

Our kitchen spices are locally sourced and are the freshest you will find. You will find our selection is ideal for a special meal or to simply refill your spice jars. Our vendors provide the highest quality and best selection.

Fresh herbs are also available as a pick your own selection from our fields. If you need a particular spice or herb, please call our market. We will gladly make sure the item you need is in stock. Or stop by to see our full selection for yourself. (540) 439-8900

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